Susanne Schwab works as a dubbing actress. Her spectrum ranges from documentaries, animated films, radio plays and commercials all the way to films. In the French film LA BONNE ÉPOUSE Susanne Schwab is the German voice of the actress YOLANDE MOREAU in the role of GILBERTE VAN DER BECK. In the American film comedy BLITHE SPIRIT Susanne Schwab voices LADY MARGARET RUTHERFORD in the role of MADAME ARCATI. Susanne Schwab is also active in series as a dubbing actress. In the series BIG MOUTH she has been playing the role of BARBARA GLOUBERMAN since the first season, in the American original spoken by PAULA PELL. Furthermore, Susanne Schwab is the German voice of JEAN ELIZABETH SMART in the role of MELANIE in the series LEGION and the German voice of actress JESSICA HECHT in the role of GRETCHEN in the series BREAKING BAD.

Susanne Schwab also performs voice-overs in documentaries such as DER FALL ASSANGE – EINE CHRONIK or TOO YOUNG TO DIE – KAREN CARPENTER and THE WIDOWS OF BOKO HARAM.  She has narrated documentaries for Discovery Channel and N24, as well as reports and short and long features.

Susanne Schwab is represented by the agency stimmgerecht. Susanne Schwab’s video and audio references can be found on the website The website of the German dubbing index lists selected roles spoken by Susanne Schwab.

With artistic sensitivity, high precision and love for the original, Susanne Schwab creates German adaptations of international films and series as a dialogue writer and dubbing director. She wrote the German dialogue book for the British bio pic A QUIET PASSION about the life of the American poet Emily Dickinson, which was directed and written by Terence Davies. In the film, CYNTHIA NIXON plays the poet. Susanne Schwab also directed the dubbing here.

Susanne Schwab has written numerous dialogue books, e.g. for the French web series LIBRES!, an adaptation of the comic series Libres! Manifeste pour s’affranchir des diktats sexuels / Editions Delcourt ( Also for the American reality documentary BLING EMPIRE, the American film BARBIE & CHELSEA: THE LOST BIRTHDAY, as well as the productions ASK BARBIE, BARBIE – MAGICAL DREAM CAMPER, BARBIE VLOG, the Turkish series ETHOS/BIR BAŞKADIR and others.

Susanne Schwab has directed the series THE BABY – SITTERS CLUB 1,2, NEVER HAVE I EVER 1,2,3,4 and the Spanish film A PESAR DE TODO. Since season 1 Susanne Schwab has been the dubbing director for the series BIG MOUTH 1,2,3,4,5,6. Since the 3rd season she has also written the dialogue books for this series. Susanne Schwab also directs voice-overs for documentaries and scripted reality formats. Detailed information and an overview of her activities as a dialogue writer and dubbing director can be found on the website Site Text/ Regie.