Basic course in phonetics – voice, speaking, confident speaking in everyday life

For native speakers and students from CEFR level C1. Voice, speaking, confidently conversing in everyday life. All our communication depends on three factors: 1. who speaks. 2. how he speaks. 3. what he says. Of these three factors, the „how he speaks“ factor is the most important, because credible argumentation depends very much on voice. Surprised?! The power of the voice in particular is completely underestimated by most people. With your voice you can promote a cause and win without having to say much. You can score, shine, convince – in any field, professionally or privately! Each individual voice has different facets: objectivity, joy, fun, aplomb, regional origin – there is a lot of information that we convey through our voice and pronunciation. Depending on the region or landscape, our pronunciation can be different, i.e. characterised by a dialect.

Speaking is about reaching your counterpart. That is why it is appropriate to have a pronunciation that is understood in the whole of Germany: People are allowed to hear where you come from – but they are also allowed to hear that you have not stopped there. On these Saturdays you will learn voice and speaking techniques for a firm and resonant voice, work on your speaking dynamics and achieve better intelligibility through precise articulation, vocalisation and breathing techniques. And „Der Kleine Hey“, the standard work on pronunciation in High German, is always with you! A workshop with phonetics trainer and voice coach Susanne Schwab. Prerequisite for non-native speakers is at least CEFR level C1.

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CONSTRUCTION COURSE PHONETICS – Voice, Speech, Professional Application

For native speakers and students from CEFR level C1. Recommended as a follow-up course to the basic phonetics course. This workshop is designed to deepen, consolidate and professionally apply voice and speech techniques.  The aim: confidence, sovereignty and professionalism in speaking and presentation situations of all kinds.  The motto: Practice makes perfect! Your knowledge of voice, speaking, phonetics and the effect on others will be consolidated and supplemented and trained with new exercises to make your impromptu speech, lecture, presentation, interview, moderation, job interview, etc. more professional. Look forward to an in-depth warm-up and voice training – for your powerful, present, multi-faceted and assertive voice. You can look forward to practical exercises with dramatic poems and monologues, humorous verses, tongue twisters, classics, modern, prose, poetry, news, weather reports, improvised everyday situations, small talk, telephoning, your favourite texts and passages from films, audio books, radio plays and stories. Feel free to bring texts that you would like to record! 

Enjoy the precise pronunciation, articulation and vocalisation in High German, the targeted use of expressive means, dynamics through rhythm and melody, the effect of tempo and volume variation and much more. Charisma, voice fit, sovereignty, success and persuasiveness are neither a coincidence nor a gift, nor are they exclusively a matter of talent: We train together to use exactly the linguistic and rhetorical skills that are required at the moment / in the respective situation. With audio recording – directly into your smartphones / mobile phones. And, if you wish, we can also create a professional audio reel incl. conception and recording of a wide variety of texts of different genres, multi-faceted – and varied, personal, authentic, professional. Just like you: AUDIBLE CLASS. A workshop with the phonetics trainer and lecturer for voice, language and speaking Susanne Schwab. Prerequisite for non-native speakers is at least CEFR level C1.

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TV Moderation – Workshop for first-timers, curious people, beginners

Anyone who wants to can present! For university, corporate or local TV, for magazine programmes, cooking shows, entertainment formats, your own YouTube channel, etc. National and regional TV stations are also looking for new faces and personalities. How do I come across as likeable? What is important when working with the teleprompter? Can I flirt with the camera? What makes my presentation most convincing? Where do my text ideas come from? How do I know how long 20 seconds are? Being beautiful helps immensely, but it’s not everything. Breathing technique, articulation, pronunciation, intonation, direct approach and much more are important for successful presentations. And of course personality and authenticity! As well as very good general knowledge and fast speech-writing with basic journalistic ideas. 

If you want to be in front of the camera, you should love it. Why? Because then the camera will love you too. That’s what we learn, practise and train.  Presentations in front of the camera with replay and video feedback. You’ll learn how to introduce, how to break off, how to deal with slips of the tongue, etc. And: how to present depending on the format and the audience. And: how to vary your voice and appearance depending on the format and occasion, i.e.: genre-appropriate use of telegenic means suitable for television. If required, we can produce a showreel – as a „video business card“ for your entry into TV! A workshop with the radio and TV journalist and editor, university lecturer for the modules breathing technique, TV presentation and presentation Susanne Schwab.

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MEDIA SPEAKING – The workshop for radio and television, podcasts, INSTA STORIES, E - BOOKS, AUDIO BOOKS

For all those who want to work on their voice and speaking style, for the curious and career changers – for all those who have an interesting voice – and want to make more of it, for all those who have already spoken in front of an audience and/or in the media and want to develop further. Do you have texts or contributions that you would like to voice yourself? In front of the camera or behind the microphone? Or an audio book that you would like to set to music yourself? Are you active in the media or do you want to become so? We will train the speech patterns / approaches that are necessary for the genre in question. For example, for news, weather reports, traffic news, documentaries, commercials, reports, introductions and farewells, greetings, transitions, aeroplane announcements, answering machines, technical instructions, tongue twisters, difficult factual and technical texts, audio guides, podcasts, prose, poetry and so on …….. feel free to bring along your ideas, texts and drafts! We will acquire the necessary tools for optimal text presentation, i.e. for a healthy, expressive voice as well as clear, unstrained, precise pronunciation, speech breathing without breathing noises, your indifference position, pronunciation in High German, varied text treatment with various design elements such as tempo, rhythm, pauses, volume, pitch, accentuation, dealing with volume and voice strength, melody guidance, text structure according to sense units and much more.

In order to increase your speech impact and make it sustainable, we work with audio and camera recordings, which we evaluate and check together: Where is there still „room for improvement“, where are you already unique and unmistakable.  If required, we can produce a meaningful audio or showreel as your audible or visible business card for your new field of activity, your new professional foothold or as a supplement to what you already have to show in terms of media language and technology.  We provide customised and individual answers to the following questions: What are your personal favourites for coming across as particularly likeable and convincing on radio or television? How can you train a better voice and thus persuasiveness? How do you secure your speaking in an individual medium speaking voice? How do you deal with stress, excitement, time pressure, slips of the tongue, black outs? Furthermore, there are recommendations for additional literature for self-study and tips for your individual development. A workshop with the certified actress, lecturer, coach, voice and speech coach Susanne Schwab.

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The Voice, Speech and PRESENTATION Workshop

The power of the voice! Your voice has enormous potential and can be a powerful instrument. Used correctly, you can convince others and assert yourself. Sympathy and approval can be generated by the voice. Intonation and breathing alone can bring a listener over to your side. Anyone who calms and relaxes us with their voice is immediately likeable. The effect of our voice is more important than we think. Even simple tips and exercises help to improve your own effect. This is what we train. We can improve the sound and assertiveness of our voice if we speak clearly. So let’s get our speaking tools in gear! Starting with the optimal phonation breathing for speaking, finding our natural speaking voice position and ending with fast speech phrases and tongue twisters, which – by the way – are also a lot of fun! And last but not least, the application of all this in everyday speaking situations, in conversations, conferences and meetings. Let’s package the content of a speech or presentation in a convincing way of speaking: Pleasant in pitch, varied through melodic voice leading, lively through variations in tempo and volume, intelligible through clear pronunciation.

Prerequisites for an optimal presentation. What do we need to fascinate our audience? The most important thing is authenticity! Then the technical tools of the trade such as body language, voice and articulation. As well as good preparation, certainty of content, a presentation style that suits the content, a form of presentation that suits your personality. We discuss the structure of a presentation, gestures, facial expressions, posture, your reaction to interjections and questions and draw up a checklist for you. And we train free speech – speaking on cue! After these two Saturdays you will know: 1. practice makes perfect! 2. speaking is silver AND gold! A workshop with coach, voice and speech trainer Susanne Schwab.

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Susanne Schwab has a certified teaching qualification and authorisation as a lecturer and teacher of AMAK AG – Academy for Multimedia Education and Communication at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences – at state-recognised private universities of applied sciences with the authorisation to independently conduct the state university degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). She teaches at numerous universities, colleges, media and business academies, educational societies, speaker academies, nationwide and internationally, for example at the ASCENSO  in Palma de Mallorca. As an experienced moderator, Susanne Schwab teaches modules such as Voice and Language, Moderation and Presentation, Speech Training and Breathing Technique, Camera Acting, Media Work Techniques, Journalistic Presentation Forms, Copywriting and Writing for TV, Communication in the Media Society and other modules, for which she is also the lecturer responsible for the modules for example at the SIGMUND FREUD UNIVERSITY.

Susanne Schwab furthermore works as a second supervisor and examiner for the assessment and evaluation of bachelor theses. She is the project responsible lecturer for various student – cross – media projects and is responsible for their conception and management.

Susanne Schwab works for various language institutes, adult education centres, companies and businesses as a voice coach, phonetics trainer and lecturer.  The spectrum ranges from individual coaching, group lessons and block teaching to weekend seminars. Susanne Schwab works as a trainer and coach in adult education. In job application, communication and competence training, Susanne Schwab teaches her clients and customers rhetorical, verbal, speech and voice skills and accompanies them in discovering their own potential with the help of convincing, conscious use of voice and confident body language. Stress and self-management as well as conflict management are also among her core competencies.

Susanne Schwab passes on her knowledge both in individual coaching to CEOs and managers of international global players aswell as in group lessons to German and non-German native speakers, CEFR Level A 1 – C2. She teaches German as a foreign language and German as a second language and provides tailor-made teaching content for the respective target group. The focus is on learning the four basic skills:  Speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing. Starting with CEFR Level A 1 and basics such as everyday situations and grammar, routine situations and more advanced grammar, up to Level C2 with these objectives: Expressing expertise and understanding demanding texts, understanding complex texts, reflecting fluently, expressing professionally and reflecting on complex issues. If required, a CEFR placement test with a written test and short interview is carried out at the beginning. In the course of the respective courses, the participants regularly write intermediate tests.

Susanne Schwab also works with digital media, the online teleprompter, videos, camera and audio recordings with joint evaluation. All teaching materials and scripts are also provided as handouts. Follow-up and further support by Susanne Schwab is possible by arrangement in individual coaching for up to one year or longer.