Susanne Schwab studied at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin with a final grade of very good and has a diploma and a certified stage qualification. Furthermore, Susanne Schwab has the confirmed teaching qualification and approval as a lecturer and lecturer at AMAK AG – Academy for multimedia training and communication at the Hochschule Mittweida Aktiengesellschaft – at state-recognized private universities of applied sciences with the authorization to independently carry out the state university degree Bachelor of Arts (BA), Hochschule Mittweida – University of Applied Sciences. She works as a lecturer, trainer and coach in the modules breathing technique and speech training, moderation and presentation, voice, language, speech training and media acting. Her tasks also include the implementation of workshops and training sessions in extra-curricular practical phases, e.g. application training and media training with video feedback as well as the implementation and management of crossover and multimedia projects for students including radio play productions, excursions and dubbing workshops.


Confirmed teaching qualification
and admission as lecturer
and lecturer of the AMAK AG –
Academy for Multimedia Education 
and Communication at the
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida Aktiengesellschaft –
at state-recognised
private universities of applied sciences
with the authorisation to conduct
the state university degree
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) independently,
Mittweida University of Applied Sciences
Technikumplatz 17
09648 Mittweida

Universities, colleges
Media and business academies
Educational societies
Speakers‘ academies
Nationwide and International
Various. Linguistic institutes
Various. Companies and enterprises
Individual coaching
Group lessons
Block courses
Weekend seminars
Application coaching
Rhetoric training
Online – Courses / ZOOM Meetings
German as a second language
CEFR Level A1 – C 2

Synchronous activity

Films / Series
Commercials / Contributions
Image films / Computer games
Audio books / radio plays
Animated films

Dialogue author
vocal and dialogue director